Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming to a close

Well, the time has come to say "farewell" to my blog.

This is not an easy decision, as I have really enjoyed this hobby. However, for the time being, it seems to be the best decision for our family. Things could change in the future, or I might open a different one later. I plan to close this blog in the next couple of days, and only I can get on it after that. Sorry for the abruptness, but it has actually been floating around in my mind for a while, and situations are pressing me to make this decision.

Thank you to all of your prayers, love, and kindness toward our family. So many of you have encouraged us through so many difficult times... and, it really means so much. Your sweetness and prayers have really helped me so much.

Currently, Ron has some lymph nodes that are swollen and is taking medicine for an infection. That was what the "storm" was about the other day. Thanks for praying about that, too.

If you want to stay in touch with me, a phone call, email, or an old-fashioned letter or visit can be very fun.

We do plan to move soon, so you'll have to get my new address when that takes place.

The purposes of my closing this blog is for confidentiality, and for more focused time on parenting and housekeeping. I may start an new one with a fresh outlook in the future, but we will have to see if that is workable.

For now, sentimentally signing off...

The Ron Cook Family
All Things Work Together

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This and that and more...

Ron was off most of the week, cause of this stuff (ABOVE). Glad we didn't loose electricity... but, I know others who did. There are some sad stories in the news because of this.
What I have been reading (above).

One thing I have been watching and listening to. The services at Hobe Sound online.

Something I have been reading to the children. I don't care for everything in the American Girl books, but it does give a taste for history and it is quite "girly," which is fun for my girls. Faith says that Samantha get everything she wants. I think she is quite right. The girls love story time with American Girl books.
I am very much interested in a girly book series that is Christian based, that will teach good manners, proper behavior and attitudes for girls, and love for Jesus... but, still light-hearted, adventurous, and fun. Teaching history is a great plus, too! Age appropriate, too. Not baby books. I am hoping for chapter books. Any ideas out there?
Below is about an old card I decided to reread this week. You might just see a name you know!

There is a story behind being called "wormy."

Ran across this card from some of the GBS gals to me when I had left there for New Mexico. This card is still so fun to read. Oh, yes, I had several international friends, so that is what is up with the Korean writing and the Spanish. I loved my friends so much and this card had meant so much to me. This card is probably 8-9 years old!
Watch out, Bible colleges... I think my middle child is alot like me... you might want to prepare like 13-14 years in advance... she's got alot of energy, friends, and is quite loud and crazy... I see another repeat coming!
I think being married to Ron has tamed me down alot... maybe balanced me out... or, something like that. But, sometimes the craziness still comes out... and, delights my children... scares my husband... but, sometimes he just has to laugh, cause it is sometimes rather... well, Sarah-ish. I have been told by my parents that Charity is just the way I was when I was little. YIKES! This card just reminds me so of some very fun college days! That was one big card!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice storm and our storm

This morning we were happy that Ron was off work!!! But, the ICE!!! WOW! And, this is just phase one of the big ice storm... phase two is expected tonight. Too bad the girls don't have ice skates... they could practice on our street (with a helmet, that is... although I probably would still be afraid they'd brake an arm).
Ron is on his way to Columbus right now. He just called to tell me that the highway is clear... that takes some stress off me. He is heading to the doctor. It's one of those moments when we are holding our breath about something. Will ya pray for us? PLEASE?!?!??!