A heart for home

Ten sandwich bags of Pumpkin lie in my freezer!  Whew!  That was a messy job there!

I am learning more how traditions and small things can mean so much to people.  So I tried out some new small, inexpensive things with the girls.  We listened to part of Squanto by Focus on the Family, cut up a pumpkin, roasted (not quite doing it right, as it was my first time) pumpkin seeds and ate some, listened and watched on-line educational or religious Thanksgiving programs, colored several Thanksgiving pages, and tried to give the sense of the meaning of this holiday to my wee ones.  I am also trying to make pumpkin puree... not sure what I am going to use it  for yet, but I wanted to try my hand at something new.  I hope you and your family are able to make some special memories this Thanksgiving!  This will be a bit of a different one for us, as it is my first without my Grandma.  But, her memory is warm and loving, and I treasure it.  I think we are aiming to spend time both at my parents' and at Ron's parent' homes this week.  Hope to see my Grandpa and my brother, sister, and their families.  Hope to see some aunts, uncles, and cousins while we are at it!  Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  We certainly have much for which to be thankful!

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