Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming to a close

Well, the time has come to say "farewell" to my blog.

This is not an easy decision, as I have really enjoyed this hobby. However, for the time being, it seems to be the best decision for our family. Things could change in the future, or I might open a different one later. I plan to close this blog in the next couple of days, and only I can get on it after that. Sorry for the abruptness, but it has actually been floating around in my mind for a while, and situations are pressing me to make this decision.

Thank you to all of your prayers, love, and kindness toward our family. So many of you have encouraged us through so many difficult times... and, it really means so much. Your sweetness and prayers have really helped me so much.

Currently, Ron has some lymph nodes that are swollen and is taking medicine for an infection. That was what the "storm" was about the other day. Thanks for praying about that, too.

If you want to stay in touch with me, a phone call, email, or an old-fashioned letter or visit can be very fun.

We do plan to move soon, so you'll have to get my new address when that takes place.

The purposes of my closing this blog is for confidentiality, and for more focused time on parenting and housekeeping. I may start an new one with a fresh outlook in the future, but we will have to see if that is workable.

For now, sentimentally signing off...

The Ron Cook Family
All Things Work Together

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This and that and more...

Ron was off most of the week, cause of this stuff (ABOVE). Glad we didn't loose electricity... but, I know others who did. There are some sad stories in the news because of this.
What I have been reading (above).

One thing I have been watching and listening to. The services at Hobe Sound online.

Something I have been reading to the children. I don't care for everything in the American Girl books, but it does give a taste for history and it is quite "girly," which is fun for my girls. Faith says that Samantha get everything she wants. I think she is quite right. The girls love story time with American Girl books.
I am very much interested in a girly book series that is Christian based, that will teach good manners, proper behavior and attitudes for girls, and love for Jesus... but, still light-hearted, adventurous, and fun. Teaching history is a great plus, too! Age appropriate, too. Not baby books. I am hoping for chapter books. Any ideas out there?
Below is about an old card I decided to reread this week. You might just see a name you know!

There is a story behind being called "wormy."

Ran across this card from some of the GBS gals to me when I had left there for New Mexico. This card is still so fun to read. Oh, yes, I had several international friends, so that is what is up with the Korean writing and the Spanish. I loved my friends so much and this card had meant so much to me. This card is probably 8-9 years old!
Watch out, Bible colleges... I think my middle child is alot like me... you might want to prepare like 13-14 years in advance... she's got alot of energy, friends, and is quite loud and crazy... I see another repeat coming!
I think being married to Ron has tamed me down alot... maybe balanced me out... or, something like that. But, sometimes the craziness still comes out... and, delights my children... scares my husband... but, sometimes he just has to laugh, cause it is sometimes rather... well, Sarah-ish. I have been told by my parents that Charity is just the way I was when I was little. YIKES! This card just reminds me so of some very fun college days! That was one big card!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice storm and our storm

This morning we were happy that Ron was off work!!! But, the ICE!!! WOW! And, this is just phase one of the big ice storm... phase two is expected tonight. Too bad the girls don't have ice skates... they could practice on our street (with a helmet, that is... although I probably would still be afraid they'd brake an arm).
Ron is on his way to Columbus right now. He just called to tell me that the highway is clear... that takes some stress off me. He is heading to the doctor. It's one of those moments when we are holding our breath about something. Will ya pray for us? PLEASE?!?!??!

Monday, January 31, 2011

The treasures of a little old house

We dropped some boxes off at our "dream house" on Saturday. We haven't purchased it yet, but we do intend to give the down payment soon... please, keep praying that our mobile sells soon.
Okay, here's a few treasures of our future home...
1. It has a usable basement! An excellent play area, school room, library, and laundry room, just waiting to be made! We also intend to put in an extra bathroom down there, as well! Woo-hoo! Not a huge house, but with a bit of creativity, it holds much promise.
2. Hidden under that old carpet... HARD WOOD FLOORS! I made this discovery the other day, and just can't wait to rip up that carpet and see how it all looks! Oh, I keep daydreaming about it! I can see some of it revealed in some closets, and so I lifted the carpet up a bit where I could, and discovered a dream come true!!!
3. I was offered a bedroom set that was already there. Dear people, you have NO IDEA! I could cry just thinking about it. I have been sorely disappointed in a mattress set we purchased a few years ago... seriously! You ought to see this mattress now! It is JUNK!!! It was a waist of money! The mattress we were just offered at the "new to us" house, is NICE!!!! AND relatively NEW!!! I feel like Someone has been listening to my thoughts!
To be honest, I feel kinda guilty buying this house... not because of the price... for the price is just right for us. I feel guilty, cause I feel a little spoiled buying this house. I mean, it is just what I want... and, it looks like I am getting it. Is that okay? Does that make me selfish? To want to live in a house, and not in a mobile home park... to actually discover HARD WOOD FLOORS in the place, and to have the kids' toys in the basement, so I don't have to trip over them? To have arched doorways, and pretty woodwork.
Now, folks, I know I make it sound glamorous, but it is really a fairly small home with two bedrooms, and needs a soaking of our family's flavor. But, I am sooo excited. Will you please pray that God will work it out in His way? Thanks!
In the meantime, if you are interested in a nice mobile home, we've got one here waiting!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

An emotional church service

We had a really good service last night. Really enjoyed the interaction that we all had a chance to be a part of and the enthusiasm the pastor had about what he was sharing. Very thought provoking.
It was heartbreaking to hear about Sam and Nancy Davis' being attacked and her passing. I don't really know them, but I know I have seen their names in Ropeholders. My imagination picturing the whole scene just breaks my heart.
Then, there's the viewing coming up this week at our church for a man who perished in a house fire. Pray for our pastor as he speaks for this service.
BUT............. there is very exciting news............ my brother-n-law, Larry prayed to get saved on Monday with Brother Huskins. How absolutely exciting it was to see not only Shenna and her children at church on Wednesday, but rather the WHOLE family... Larry completing the whole! Shenna has been praying for years for this... now, it has happened. Pray for him as he grows in the Lord, will ya!? Everyone was so excited last night once they realized what had happened! Perhaps some of you have been praying for him as well! Thanks! Some might know him better as "Kyle's dad" or "the boy who plays the drums' dad". My nephew Kyle is a funny and out-going 14 year old boy who can play drums like you would not believe... he's even got to play them at Youth Challenge and, I believe, at camp. For those of you from camp, you might remember my two precious nieces that have stayed with me in the past, it's their dad! Yeah!!!! Can you tell I am excited!?!
God is at work!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Say, hey!

Do me a favor, will ya? If you are praying about our house situation, would you mind to just say "hey" in my comments? I don't expect you to pray everyday about it, but I just want to know there is two or three praying some about it. It is a huge decision, and it is exciting, even if it wasn't what we had planned when we got married (our plans were like majorly shot down, but we are getting back up and brushing ourselves off). Buying a house, believe it or not, was not on my planner... being a foreign missionary was... I know, I talk about this alot... I am just wandering if our dream might never come true... we studied and prepared for it, then, BAM! So we have nice little degrees... still fun to say we have them... learned alot from the experience. I am glad that I am able to teach CC, it really means alot to me!
We are now faced with a very reasonable desire for this little house... one that will not put us in debt for long, and sized for our little family. Please, pray, if you don't mind!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My church = my family

Gotta say, my church is like my family... they mean so much to me.
I am so looking forward to moving close to our church!
There is just so many wonderful people there!
People who pray... people who care... people who hug... people who give.
It is a great place to be.
We've got a wonderful pastor and wife. Serious Christians, they are.
So can't wait to live close to so many wonderful people again! People I can trust. If an emergency arises, they are right there. Of course they have their own lives, but I know they are near.
Please, pray we can sell our mobile soon! I have been planning out paint colors, themes, borders, etc., for ours-to-be new little house. I am just soooo excited!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A worthwhile battle...

Why do I have such a hard time making my days follow my written schedule? Why do little girls make such messes? Like the overflowing sink in the bathroom this morning! What a wet mess! Like the van mess... I still need to vacuum it, but I cleaned out the disaster yesterday... but, not before other folks saw it... how humbling! How hard is it to just take your stuff in the house when you get out of the van? Like my home right now... why do we have to dirty so much clothes and dishes so fast? Well, that's life, and we are working on that today... and, homeschooling, too.
It is snowing again. My three year old just got into trouble for pouring my Bath and Body Works lotion into her hair. I still need to get my shower and get dressed.
It is just a frazzle-haired day here, and I think I shall die if someone knocks on my door.
I got up earlier than usual! I snuggled with my youngest since she was up first, made my bed, picked up my room, had my devotions, drank my Slim-Fast (just to blow my plan with eggs and pancakes with my girls later), and watched Focus on the Family online. I listened to beautiful Patch the Pirate music, and got Faith started with school (that took quite a lecture). The girls have had their baths and are dressed. Charity's to be working at a puzzle, and Faith is to be busily plucking away at her lessons. Hope is on the loose, and I don't know what she might do next. She is a cuddly, lovable, bundle of energy... hence the sink, the lotion, and part of the house's mess. I am on a roll, but it is quite the battle. A worthwhile battle.
I am glad to have this battle... cause the alternative is rather lonely... cause I have wonderful kids. Cause they challenge me, and keep my on my toes.
They teach me. Like the other day, I was lost (again) and afraid of the highway I was on, and Faith reminded me of the verse, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in You." She told me that she thought I had a "mountain of fears." I told her she was right. Told her she was precious, and she told me she knew that. That made my day. They make me laugh.
Yep, it's a worthwhile battle, and I need to get out of my hiding in my bedroom from my battle(s), who need some guidance right now!
See ya!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A mixture of wintery pictures from the Cook family

Notice all the animals in the manger scene... cute!

Getting ready to teach CC.

A serious Mary... these kids are creative... to say the least.

Doesn't Faith look downright excited?

For sure, making messes are fun for these little ones.

This little three year just keeps growing so fast.

Mama on the treadmill... being silly... this represents my BEFORE photo... still haven't gotten on that diet, but we're hoping for something to help me get really excited to stay on one!

Me falling off the treadmill.

Fun with Daddy.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

The back of our snowman.

Seriously funny snow"woman"


Just thought I would do two post in one day.

Hope you enjoy!

Gotta love that toothless look...

Faith lost a top tooth today... cute!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our plans

Well, our plan is rather big this year. We have a wonderful opportunity and offer to buy a....
It is a great, low price, near our church, and has a bit more space than our mobile.
Now, to sell our mobile...
Anyone want to buy a nice mobile home out there?
Our original plans in life were foreign missionary work and full-time ministry... but, life doesn't always go the way one dreams... now, we are praying God would make it clear if we are to buy this house. Life is ministry... so, where ever we are, we must do ministry. What we need is a buyer for our mobile home, so we can have a good down payment, and we won't have to be paying to have two homes. It would be cool not to have to leave so early on Sundays to get to the church so Ron can do the bus route... we'd be like probably less than a mile... maybe a half mile from the church... no struggle there. We could walk if we wanted to. There are several members of our church very close by, so if an emergency came up, I would have easy access to lots of people to help. We'd have a fenced in backyard (a huge plus to me!!!), and though the house isn't huge on the main level, the basement and attic hold great potential. Then, there is also a detached garage.
Will you help us pray about this? We already have some people who are willing to help us with some of the work that needs done on it, and we knew the people who lived there previously and they were great people. The stage is set, now we need the "go ahead."
Now, as far as health, Ron's next PET is in March... I get so nervous about those.
Faith has to have an ultrasound to check her kidneys, etc., due to her UTI problem... it was looking like she might need IV antibiotics, but her last urine sample showed great improvements... but, we are still waiting on the lab reports. If her ultrasound shows problems, she will have to see a nephrologist (don't really know how to spell it).
Hope is basically potty trained, except at night. Yay!
Charity is still our high pitched little lady... she is funny with her, "huh? Huh? HUH? What? What did you say? HUH?" Seriously, she acts like she's deaf, but her hearing test she had at her 4 year appointment says she is just fine. Anyone out there have a "huh?" child? Maybe it is selective hearing.
Faith's reading is very, very good! She loves to read and play the piano.
Charity is very flexible, and loves to swing by her arms and do flips... She sometimes surprises me at what she can do... that tiny little gal.
Hope... she likes to eat, eat, and eat... and, she is still a bit of a comedian. I think she is gonna be a fast learner. Still busy, though, and into everything.
Ron is still busy with his job, jail ministry, bus ministry, helping me with Children's Church, and home life.
I am a wife, mom, and a Children's Church teacher... that about sums things up.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


That basically sums up last night and this morning.

Our furnace decided to just not cooperate, and a part needs to be replaced. So, what we've got here is... everyone in one bedroom... until Ron gets home and fixes the furnace. It is wild! Nothing like three kids, pillows, blankets, heater, stuff to fix our bathroom (including toilet), legos, and many other things piled into one room, with clothes, etc, rolled up to block the draft under the doors. It is a toasty little room right now, with unreal amounts of activity going on.

Who knew I would ever allow kids to eat PB&J sandwiches in my bedroom?

The rest of the house is very brrrrrr! The togetherness is intense, but kind-a special and fun, too. Now, if little-miss-3-year-old would just stop leaping off my bed!

The whole family slept in this one little room last night, and it was kind-a special... in a broken sleep sort of way.

On a different note:
We've got some exciting things planned for this year, and real soon like, too... if all goes on schedule. So, stay tuned!

We had fun visiting my parents and doing another service at a church "down home" this weekend. Thanks, Faith, for all your piano playing, and all you gals for your singing.

Wow! It is intense in here... the noice!!! Aaaaaugh! Remember, Sarah, this is special... sigh.