Thursday, January 20, 2011

A worthwhile battle...

Why do I have such a hard time making my days follow my written schedule? Why do little girls make such messes? Like the overflowing sink in the bathroom this morning! What a wet mess! Like the van mess... I still need to vacuum it, but I cleaned out the disaster yesterday... but, not before other folks saw it... how humbling! How hard is it to just take your stuff in the house when you get out of the van? Like my home right now... why do we have to dirty so much clothes and dishes so fast? Well, that's life, and we are working on that today... and, homeschooling, too.
It is snowing again. My three year old just got into trouble for pouring my Bath and Body Works lotion into her hair. I still need to get my shower and get dressed.
It is just a frazzle-haired day here, and I think I shall die if someone knocks on my door.
I got up earlier than usual! I snuggled with my youngest since she was up first, made my bed, picked up my room, had my devotions, drank my Slim-Fast (just to blow my plan with eggs and pancakes with my girls later), and watched Focus on the Family online. I listened to beautiful Patch the Pirate music, and got Faith started with school (that took quite a lecture). The girls have had their baths and are dressed. Charity's to be working at a puzzle, and Faith is to be busily plucking away at her lessons. Hope is on the loose, and I don't know what she might do next. She is a cuddly, lovable, bundle of energy... hence the sink, the lotion, and part of the house's mess. I am on a roll, but it is quite the battle. A worthwhile battle.
I am glad to have this battle... cause the alternative is rather lonely... cause I have wonderful kids. Cause they challenge me, and keep my on my toes.
They teach me. Like the other day, I was lost (again) and afraid of the highway I was on, and Faith reminded me of the verse, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in You." She told me that she thought I had a "mountain of fears." I told her she was right. Told her she was precious, and she told me she knew that. That made my day. They make me laugh.
Yep, it's a worthwhile battle, and I need to get out of my hiding in my bedroom from my battle(s), who need some guidance right now!
See ya!


Sherry L Dickinson said...

Have mercy, child! Just reading your post describing all that's going on in your van and house made me want to hide in MY bedroom! Now,... you're living life where the genuine rubber meets the road!
Bless you for being a little wife and mother that's not being weary in well doing...for in due season you will reap if you faint not. Smile.
I love it that I've been able to meet you, and to talk to you occasionally, at your Dayton church. And, it makes it so enjoyable to read your blog posts, since I've met each of you.
I think you are a dolly of a lady!
Michael's mom

Sarah Cook said...

You are just too sweet!