Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our plans

Well, our plan is rather big this year. We have a wonderful opportunity and offer to buy a....
It is a great, low price, near our church, and has a bit more space than our mobile.
Now, to sell our mobile...
Anyone want to buy a nice mobile home out there?
Our original plans in life were foreign missionary work and full-time ministry... but, life doesn't always go the way one dreams... now, we are praying God would make it clear if we are to buy this house. Life is ministry... so, where ever we are, we must do ministry. What we need is a buyer for our mobile home, so we can have a good down payment, and we won't have to be paying to have two homes. It would be cool not to have to leave so early on Sundays to get to the church so Ron can do the bus route... we'd be like probably less than a mile... maybe a half mile from the church... no struggle there. We could walk if we wanted to. There are several members of our church very close by, so if an emergency came up, I would have easy access to lots of people to help. We'd have a fenced in backyard (a huge plus to me!!!), and though the house isn't huge on the main level, the basement and attic hold great potential. Then, there is also a detached garage.
Will you help us pray about this? We already have some people who are willing to help us with some of the work that needs done on it, and we knew the people who lived there previously and they were great people. The stage is set, now we need the "go ahead."
Now, as far as health, Ron's next PET is in March... I get so nervous about those.
Faith has to have an ultrasound to check her kidneys, etc., due to her UTI problem... it was looking like she might need IV antibiotics, but her last urine sample showed great improvements... but, we are still waiting on the lab reports. If her ultrasound shows problems, she will have to see a nephrologist (don't really know how to spell it).
Hope is basically potty trained, except at night. Yay!
Charity is still our high pitched little lady... she is funny with her, "huh? Huh? HUH? What? What did you say? HUH?" Seriously, she acts like she's deaf, but her hearing test she had at her 4 year appointment says she is just fine. Anyone out there have a "huh?" child? Maybe it is selective hearing.
Faith's reading is very, very good! She loves to read and play the piano.
Charity is very flexible, and loves to swing by her arms and do flips... She sometimes surprises me at what she can do... that tiny little gal.
Hope... she likes to eat, eat, and eat... and, she is still a bit of a comedian. I think she is gonna be a fast learner. Still busy, though, and into everything.
Ron is still busy with his job, jail ministry, bus ministry, helping me with Children's Church, and home life.
I am a wife, mom, and a Children's Church teacher... that about sums things up.

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kira said...

Wow , praise God , that is wonderful Sarah !!!