Monday, January 31, 2011

The treasures of a little old house

We dropped some boxes off at our "dream house" on Saturday. We haven't purchased it yet, but we do intend to give the down payment soon... please, keep praying that our mobile sells soon.
Okay, here's a few treasures of our future home...
1. It has a usable basement! An excellent play area, school room, library, and laundry room, just waiting to be made! We also intend to put in an extra bathroom down there, as well! Woo-hoo! Not a huge house, but with a bit of creativity, it holds much promise.
2. Hidden under that old carpet... HARD WOOD FLOORS! I made this discovery the other day, and just can't wait to rip up that carpet and see how it all looks! Oh, I keep daydreaming about it! I can see some of it revealed in some closets, and so I lifted the carpet up a bit where I could, and discovered a dream come true!!!
3. I was offered a bedroom set that was already there. Dear people, you have NO IDEA! I could cry just thinking about it. I have been sorely disappointed in a mattress set we purchased a few years ago... seriously! You ought to see this mattress now! It is JUNK!!! It was a waist of money! The mattress we were just offered at the "new to us" house, is NICE!!!! AND relatively NEW!!! I feel like Someone has been listening to my thoughts!
To be honest, I feel kinda guilty buying this house... not because of the price... for the price is just right for us. I feel guilty, cause I feel a little spoiled buying this house. I mean, it is just what I want... and, it looks like I am getting it. Is that okay? Does that make me selfish? To want to live in a house, and not in a mobile home park... to actually discover HARD WOOD FLOORS in the place, and to have the kids' toys in the basement, so I don't have to trip over them? To have arched doorways, and pretty woodwork.
Now, folks, I know I make it sound glamorous, but it is really a fairly small home with two bedrooms, and needs a soaking of our family's flavor. But, I am sooo excited. Will you please pray that God will work it out in His way? Thanks!
In the meantime, if you are interested in a nice mobile home, we've got one here waiting!!!

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Liz said...

Don't feel guilty, just grateful :>) God loves to give good gifts to His children. Hope it all works out just right.