About Me

I am a Christian, a home-maker, wife, and home-school mom.  My husband and I were married June 14, 2003.  Since then, God has given us three beautiful little girls.  My husband works, does ministries, and takes care of our family.  Our oldest daughter, Faith, is in 1st grade.  Her sister, Charity, is in preschool, and our baby, Hope, is now a toddler.
God has brought us through so very much.  My husband has survived Hodgkin's lymphoma for over three years now.  He has been through surgeries, radiation, multiple chemotherapy regimens, and two stem-cell transplants.  At this time, the doctor has announced that he is in clinical remission. 
I enjoy writing, teaching Children's Church, being with friends, and watching my children develop into Godly, talented, hardworking, and beautiful little women.