Thursday, January 27, 2011

An emotional church service

We had a really good service last night. Really enjoyed the interaction that we all had a chance to be a part of and the enthusiasm the pastor had about what he was sharing. Very thought provoking.
It was heartbreaking to hear about Sam and Nancy Davis' being attacked and her passing. I don't really know them, but I know I have seen their names in Ropeholders. My imagination picturing the whole scene just breaks my heart.
Then, there's the viewing coming up this week at our church for a man who perished in a house fire. Pray for our pastor as he speaks for this service.
BUT............. there is very exciting news............ my brother-n-law, Larry prayed to get saved on Monday with Brother Huskins. How absolutely exciting it was to see not only Shenna and her children at church on Wednesday, but rather the WHOLE family... Larry completing the whole! Shenna has been praying for years for this... now, it has happened. Pray for him as he grows in the Lord, will ya!? Everyone was so excited last night once they realized what had happened! Perhaps some of you have been praying for him as well! Thanks! Some might know him better as "Kyle's dad" or "the boy who plays the drums' dad". My nephew Kyle is a funny and out-going 14 year old boy who can play drums like you would not believe... he's even got to play them at Youth Challenge and, I believe, at camp. For those of you from camp, you might remember my two precious nieces that have stayed with me in the past, it's their dad! Yeah!!!! Can you tell I am excited!?!
God is at work!

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