Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hope Christiana!

Gone are those baby days! Bittersweet. Does anyone remember what happened to the little girl here? I am having trouble remembering... I am thinking she fell off my bed, is that right? Pitiful picture... but I love those eyes! Well, if they weren't red.
This might be here 1 year pic.

Oh, look at that squishy baby!

Safe in Mama's carrier. A warm place to be when it is so cold outside.


If you want to see newer pics, just scroll down to a couple of posts ago... she's a cutie!

Well, our little Hope is now 3. She had her birthday yesterday. I made her and her doll matching gowns and Ron bought her a pack of big girl underclothes... she was so excited! I made her a cake, and her grandparents called to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She was beaming! Her excitement was so precious. I'll have to take pictures of her gown later.

Today is a busy day again, as the Faith and Charity have their piano recital tonight. They are only playing tiny pieces, but it is still exciting for them.

I feel so very tired today... I have much to do, but I am sooo tired.

But, while I am still awake (as I have been dozing), let me tell you three things that I appreciate about Hope.

1. She is a symbol in our family. She came in a time when we definitely needed "hope". She brought joy in time of sorrow... a gift from God, reminding us He is with us. She lessened my grief when we were dealing with Ron's diagnosis, craniotomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. I had a tiny, squishy, little gift to cuddle and squeeze. So much better than any teddy bear! For sure!

2. She is a comedian at heart, I do believe! She loves to be silly and make people laugh!

3. She is a little version of Ron... well, except she is a girl. But, she seems to act the way I imagine he did at a young age. This plays on my patience, but she has a strong personality, and I can see her doing great things. She is busy... to the extreme! I need hidden alarms all over the house warning me what part of the house is being terrorized next. She really loves the refrigerator. I am so glad to have her, and be her Mama! Even if she is a bit hyperactive. :-)

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