Friday, December 17, 2010

Wanna watch the girls' recital?

This was Faith's second recital and Charity's first.
Faith was confused at one point because she thought she was supposed to go ahead and play her second song. Faith has a gift of playing by ear... there are several songs she has messed around with and learned by ear. She is supposed to play at least one of these our church on Sunday. The songs she plays here are very short and simple, but she can do more... but, she needs to pay attention to her music more often.
Charity only plays one song on here, and she was so intimidated by the crowd.
I think you will enjoy this.
It's archived there!

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Mindy said...

Very good recital! Your girls are very cute. I know their piano teacher. She is my friends sons girlfriend....if that makes any since. :) I thought I recognized her and when she started talking, I knew who she was. Have a great Christmas!