Monday, December 20, 2010

"Today's the best day of my life"

Said a certain six year old yesterday. She was so happy that she could be an angel in the Christmas program... actually, all my girls were angels in the Christmas program. They were cute. The Children's Church sang yesterday morning, and my children sang last night (Faith playing the piano for them). Really cute!!! They forgot the rest of the words in the middle of the second verse of Away In A Manger last night, and decided to hum the rest. Cracked me up! We had a cookie fellowship after church... there were serious amounts of cookies there! Faith was so overwhelmed by all the festivities, that she said that it was the best day of her life! She said it was just so fun! By the way, she says she has prayed for "the gift" like Kim Collingsworth... that is her goal, I think. Faith and Charity decided to walk to the front of the church last night to tell who led them to Jesus... Charity is actually talking and singing in front of people... Scrape me off the floor! I thought the girl was shy! I guess the winds are changing.
The girls have been having many fun days around here with all the snow, and Daddy's love for taking them sledding. They are such fun little people. Sad to say that yesterday's pics from church did not turn out... boo on the broken camera... I know, I have used this broken camera for many months now... but, it does sometimes take decent pictures. If Mamas got to have a Christmas list, I would put a new camera, a piano tuning, and a clean house at about the top. These gifts would actually benefit the whole family, but those are not your one dollar kind of gifts. I get a bit sad when I find out I have no decent pictures of Faith's "best day of her life."
Then, I think, in the light of things, how unimportant that is... when I found out about the precious Dotson family situation last night, might heart broke... I could hardly keep myself from crying on the way home from church. For those of you who know them, you know about the loss of Tim a few years ago, but then, yesterday, some of her children were in a terrible car wreck involving a semi. I was told her 15 year old was very badly injured. I don't know how she is today. Dear Dotson family, I just want you to know I am praying for you. I love you guys, and appreciate you very much. My heart is so breaking for you, and I am asking anyone who reads my blog to please pray for you all. Really pray!!!


Beth said...

got this off Angie Edwards facebook!

We are rejoicing this morning in God's mercy! Brianna has been taken off all sedation and is alert and communicating calmly and asking lots of questions. She was removed from the ventilator and NG tube and only has an oxygen mask!!!! Neurologist is confident that she will be fine. Sharlenae is doing quite well.


Sarah Cook said...

Praise God!