Saturday, December 18, 2010

What are we doing?

Well, let's just jump right in.

Faith's UTI is NOT gone, and she is on a new antibiotic... seems she has something a bit resistant, I guess. The Strep thing seems to be over, but then, of course, to keep the ball rolling, Hope had to get pink eye! It is a good thing we home school, or my kids would be missin' alot of school.

Faith is reading so very well. I just feel a wee bit proud that it could be done so very effectively at home, and not only does she like to read, she LOVES it! Charity is learning her consonant/vowel blends, and likes school... though she doesn't do it every day... full-time school work will come soon enough. Hope is half way potty-trained. I have her wearing diapers when we are out and at night. She does very well usually when wearing her big girl undies. They are all learning. They are amazing and funny little people. They had a good time today, as they went and hung out with Daddy... sledding, making a snowman, going out for pizza, and jumping all over him... they think he is great!

Ron had a bone density test this week and a pulmonary test... these are follow-up tests, just to make sure those areas are doing well since his treatments. He is keeping busy and still has trouble sitting still for long... that is just his personality... gotta go, go, go.

I am boring. Nothing exciting about me.

We are praying about making some big decisions, and so it would be cool if you would help us pray, too. We just need wisdom to make good choices in these areas.

Christmas is in a week. It is a different Christmas that the previous ones, as the cancer panic seems to have calmed down (well, I still think his every pain and sickness is related, but it is hard to change my mindset). There is no big mountain of presents this time, but that's alright, I just so happen to know what some grandparents have purchased... and, I know it'll be verrrrry exciting!!! We got a few things for them, and I know they will like them. Actually, I know our kids would be excited about coloring books and crayons or Dollar Tree items... and, of course, some edible treats... they excite pretty easily. But, we've got better than that... we've got.... shhhhhhh! Patch the Pirate and a child's Singer sewing machine (bought at the thrift store still in a box!!!!), and I just so happen to know that this will make them very excited! How do I know? Because, I know my kids, and Faith has been begging me to teach her to sew. Ron did pick up a few dollar items as well. I do know that a certain person paid for a very large item, too... a swing set!!! Please, don't tell the girls... they are going to be beside themselves when they see it!

Tomorrow, the girls are doing some things at our church, and there is to be a song played by Faith on the piano. All the girls are to be angels in the little Christmas program. And, in the morning service, my Children's Church group is to sing a couple of songs for the big people. How fun!

Well, I hope you all are staying warm... don't forget to visit the post below to view the girls' recital!

Hope to get some recent pics on here soon of recent happenings! Stay tuned!

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