Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

Oats for Christmas breakfast.

Faith reading the Christmas story.

Opening presents.

Sunday morning... at church. They are a bit of book worms!

Getting ready to start Children's Church. Numbers were down this week.

Can you remember what you learned last week? Hmmm.

The bulletin board.

The blue board is out for a game of Zonk.

Our great big gingerbread house.

So, what did you all do for Christmas? Ours was fun. We went to Ron's parent's for Christmas Eve, and we had enjoyed our little family here on Christmas Day, went carolling, sledding (well, some of us), had a birthday cake for Jesus, and Ron visited his Uncle Perk in the hospital. We did CC at church again this Sunday, and I finished up a Christmas story.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering... I got a new camera!!! Yay!!! I got some Christmas money, and was able to get the camera (so nice after months of using a broken one), new meat scissors, lotion, boots, and a big thing of Downy, etc. I know, I am weird, but Downy does something for me... it is rather pricey, and I have tended to purchase cheaper stuff, but if I get Christmas money, who says I can't get it? I got nice gifts from others, as well. Aunt Pam, I love those sweaters... you have very good taste in clothing!!! My secret sister got me a very nice present... a very cute lamp-like candle... I was in love with it from the start!

My children had a nice Christmas, as well. Legos, each some type of clothing, a swing set, boots, coloring books, a child's sewing machine, some dollar items, books, a telescope/microscope, a Patch the Pirate album, etc. It was a lot for three little children. Grandparents do have a way of sometimes spoiling; the youngins. There was lots of singing, laughing, playing, and eating going on! And, oh yes, they certainly like the Patch CDs!

I still have yet to go to my folks' for Christmas. I am looking forward to that, as well.

I am trying to upload a video of Ron and the two older girls going sledding, but I am not sure it is going to work... it is taking a very long time. So, if there is a blank spot on this post, you'll know what happened.

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kira said...

Your girls are so adorable !

Look's like you all had a wondeful Christmas and i hope you have a joyful new year .